What Is CCTV


CCTV is becoming the norm. In the world today. It gives to the facility to watch various things that you feel the need to protect or care for. this once expensive security devices is now affordable for all of us, both at work as well as at home. We have been installing these systems for the past 17 years and have moved with the times to provide our customers with the best products at all times.

Uses and Applications


We all go about our day to day lives totally unaware that we are being recorded by CCTV systems in shops, workplaces, houses, cars etc. For the majority of us this should cause no concern but for the few its a major deterrent and peace of mind that we can access these images for proof of criminal damage/theft.


However as we all know that crime is on the rise in our area. A CCTV system can be so much more. they can be used to see if a delivery been made, a stage by stage garden growth, watching the teenagers when we are away from the house. But one of the most up and coming uses is the ability to have them installed on our elderly parts houses, to be able to check on their well-being. They can also give you the benefit of speaking throughout the camera too. To provide comfort and reassurance. 

Most systems today allow for the viewing of recorded data from a remote location, on your mobile, and on holiday too.


most systems can be quoted without even coming to site


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