You would be totally unaware


Fire Alarms are something that most of us never consider when we attend our work place or even at home. But they are one of the most important pieces of equipment you will come into contact throughout your day to day business/life . Weather you are at work, shopping, on holiday or sleeping, They are always breathing the air to detect smoke charged particles, To detect any changes. Hence providing a fast indication that the environment has changed and provide a audible alarm condition. So you can exit the property quickly & safely.


What Does Your Fire Alarm Sound Like ? 


We are often contacted with people saying that they have never heard their fire alarm. This is possibly because the system is not being maintained or there are no weekly test being carried out. Current guidelines insist on fire alarms to be maintained and tested regularly. This is your employers responsibility. It is also a great thing to do at home too, for peace of mind.

What We Can Do For You !


We can attend your workplace or home and give guidance on how to use your system.We can also give guidance on maintaining the system too. Average cost £45 +vat




We offer a service that tests the system each week. This consists of a weekly test of  manual call points (one a week) and is recorded in the fire alarm log book Average Costs £15 +vat p/week


We also offer a full service package that includes a six monthly visits. To service and check the system is fully operational. This service includes the following.

Full panel test, Battery condition test, Manual call point tests, smoke/heat detector tests. fire exit and escape route inspections for blockages. All full reported in the fire log book and a service certificate issued. costs from £45 - £150 +vat (per visit)



Statistics say that 60% of fire alarms are not being maintained and tested

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